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As a professional TEAM in the world of Tourism since more than 25 years. Towards the end of the year 2015, was born a team of specialists in all the fields of Tourism in Egypt. Specialists in Safari, professionals of balneal stays and traditional programs. Programs to choose which satisfies all the tastes. All has been joined to Launch "All Together Travel" to make our customers love Egypt, to let people see which is essential to see, and not to forget to feel the people of the country, living with them sometimes. From there also, was born the idea of: "One Team and All Together".

We can provide you with all kind of Travel arrangements with the high quality of services you may find:
• To live in the Desert.
• Doing Safari from the Oasis till Luxor , where you will find the third of the monuments of the whole world.
• Diving , it looks good . Go to the Red Sea with its sea safari , its fantastic nights of stars!
• If not ? Go to the Mediterranean Sea and do not forget to visit the famous Library of Alexandria, the witness city of the love story between Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.
• Visit the temples of Nubia , rescued under the UNESCO and unfortunately the famous Temple of Abu Simbel !!

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